Where Is My Little Crocodile? – Wo ist mein kleines Krokodil?

Bilingual Children’s Book English-German. Perfect for kids learning English or German as their second language.

Are you looking for your crocodile?                                         

The search for a little crocodile named Charlie in different places is a delightful read-aloud. Can Charlie drive a car? Is he allowed to eat in restaurants? Is he dangerous?

Where did he go?

Kids will learn different places, objects, and simple questions and answers, but mostly, they will cry out a loud “hooray” when the funny crocodile is discovered at the end. Where? Well, just read . . .

Kids learn well through repetition and simple language.

Each line is translated into German directly below for easy comprehension. The colors and large text in this collection make learning easy and fun. The text is simple and partly repetitive, suitable for early-age learning. This dual language bedtime story is part of the series “Where is . . .?” which is specifically designed to teach children new foreign words and phrases as you read to them.

The book is also available in other languages.

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These stories will capture children’s interest and imagination and shall inspire a lifelong love of literature and reading. Each book includes 4 extra pages for coloring.

The Kindle book is a children’s picture book so please use a device with a color display to read it (free Kindle reading apps and Kindle Cloud Reader are available for every major tablet and computer).


Where Is My Little Crocodile? - Wo ist mein kleines Krokodil? - Bilingual Picture Book English German

  • Author: Ingo Blum
  • Illustrator: Antonio Pahetti
  • Age: 0-7
  • Publisher: planet!oh concepts publications
  • ISBN: 978-1-982922-57-3
  • Dimensions: 8,5" x 8,5"
  • Paperback, Kindle: 32 pages
  • Price: 9,95 USD

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