The Flying Tree

A Quick Good Night and Funny Bedtime Rhyme Story.

Reader’s Favorite 5*****

On a hill, there stood a tree.
He felt lonely and bored and wanted to break free.
“I wish I could fly up in the sky
and see the world from above—
from this place, I want to flee.”

When a magic swallow helps him to drag out his roots and fly, he finds himself up in the sky, looking down to the earth. What will he find, what will he see? And finally: Will he fly back home where he belongs?

A vivid story about the importance of home and the place we love the most. For all children ages 3-10.


The Flying Tree - Teach Your Children the Importance of Home

  • Author: Ingo Blum
  • Illustrator: Anna Zeezat
  • Age: 2+
  • Publisher: planet!oh concepts publications
  • Kindle: 23 pages
  • Price: $0.99

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