Nelly Pig´s Funny Birthday Surprise

Did you ever want to bake the biggest birthday cake on earth? Join Nelly the pig.

Nelly the pig and Carlos the duck are living on an old farm. They are best friends. The day before Carlos’s birthday, Nelly’s lazy ways and Carlos’s bossiness cause a big argument and Carlos takes off on his holidays. Afraid that Carlos will make new friends and leave her forever, Nelly decides to make him the biggest, best birthday cake ever! But things don’t quite go according to Nelly’s plans.

Will Carlos even come home?

The vivid color illustrations of this book make listening (and looking at the pictures!) very easy and funny. The text is simple and suitable for an early age.

The book is also available in other languages and in bilingual English-Spanish and English-German.

This story will capture children’s interest and imagination and inspire a lifelong love of literature and reading.


Nelly Pig´s Funny Birthday Surprise

  • Author: Ingo Blum
  • Illustrator: Tanya Maneki
  • Age: 0-7
  • Publisher: planet!oh concepts publications
  • ISBN: 978-1-983075-91-9
  • Dimensions: 8,5" x 8,5"
  • Paperback, Kindle: 56 pages
  • Price: 12,95 USD

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